Here at the heart of the city, you and your staff can relish the famous diversity and vibrancy of Cologne, with its wealth of culture, leisure, pleasure and shopping. 

An environment that looks after you

Or would you prefer to stroll along the banks of the River Rhine? All of this is possible. Most things here are within easy walking distance – a definite plus in terms of achieving your worklife balance.


The Kunibertsviertel is just as colourful. Central, but away from the hustle and bustle of the big city - this tranquil and, at the same time, vibrant district is attracting an increasing number of companies and young people. Here, there is plenty of space to forge relationships and to be inspired – around the Romanesque Basilica of St. Kunibert, a vibrant economy, life and living combine perfectly.

Optimum mobility

Coeur Cologne is the ideal starting point from which to reach your destination quickly. Your office is located at the first port of call in Cologne: at the city's Central Station. The ICE platform is just a few minutes from your desk. Your proximity to one of Germany's busiest railway stations, used by more than 280,000 passengers per day, opens up the gateway to the world for you and our staff.


1 Oppenhoff & Partner solicitors

2 Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln

3 PwC

4 BHF-Bank

5 Pilsner Urquell Deutschland

6 Sparda-Bank

7 RWZ Rhein-Main eG


9 Rolex Deutschland


11 Kranhäuser


12 maxCologne

13 HDI-Gerling

14 RTL

15 Trade fair

16 Banking District

17 Excelsior Hotel Ernst

18 Domhotel

19 Cologne Marriott Hotel

20 Plüsch Bar & Lounge

21 Brasserie Fou

22 Wein am Rhein


23 Alter Wartesaal

24 Café Reichard

25 Holtmann's Restaurant

26 Lanxess Area

27 Museum Ludwig

28 Cologne cathedral

29 Historic city hall

30 Musical Dome

31 Rheinufer-Promenade

32 Colonaden Hbf.

33 Hohe Strasse shopping precinct

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